32° C 20° C

7 km/h


25° C 17° C

8 km/h

7 July

28° C 16° C

5 km/h

Going to and getting around

Malcesine is situated on the north-eastern side of Lake Garda, at the foot of Mount Baldo. It is the northernmost town of the side of the lake belonging to the province of Verona. The "Gardesana Orientale SR 249" runs along the town connecting the towns situated on the southern art of the lake with the ones located up north.

Arriving by plane, by train, by bus or by car

You can get to Malcesine by car or by bus. The nearest airport is 60 km away from Malcesine while 30 km separate the town from the railway station. There are two layovers at the town port to get around by boat or ferry.