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Lake and mountain together in the same place. Have you ever wondered how many different things you can do? From a quick count, you can practice about fifteen different sports in Malcesine, all in the same place!

Water sports

Water sports in Malcesine

Thanks to its constant winds, Malcesine is the mecca of water sport lovers. In every moment of the day you can find different winds that enable you to practice any water sport at any level.


Guide, schools and rental shops

Guide, schools and rental shops in Malcesine

Learning a new sport with local trained guide and instructors is easy and fun. You can improve your performance or experience something completely new. You can join trips to some of the more spectacular sites led by the local guides.


Outdoor sports

Outdoor sports in Malcesine

From the lake shores to Cima Valdritta at 2218 m of altitude: Malcesine is an open air multi-sport gym. A dense path network for your easy excursions or your challenging tours await you: there's a route to everyone's liking.